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: Sorry, the CS department network has been really flaky lately, as has the new CSUA firewall. I'm going to move Crummy to leonardr.segfault.org or crummy.segfault.org or something in the near future.

: Two of my professors today were wearing the same sort of plaid green shirt that I was wearing. Weird.

: leonardr.segfault.org and crummy.segfault.org will eventually work. Right now they just go to segfault.org. I have to restart Apache, but since sith.segfault.org gets its DNS from linux.com, which doesn't recognize it, sith itself doesn't recognize {leonardr,crummy}.segfault.org. So I gotta wait. I'll try again in the morning.

: I did the guitar part for Sally O'Sally just now, so expect that tomorrow, hopefully.

Mark Gave A Monkey Acid is turning into a very popular song. Dan was playing it for the guys in the LUG yesterday. It could be my surprise hit.

: Woohoo! Sorry, people whose connections I cut off when I accidentally killed Apache.


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