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: I'm redoing all the Dada Pokey stuff. So it'll be down and {funky, nonfunctional} for a while.

: Everything Dada Pokey is up to version 2.0, except for the Daily Pokey viewer which I ran out of patience before I got to it. But finally we're getting the post-haitus Pokeys in Dada Pokey.

: Stuff to do:

: Okay, here are the Coffee Junction pictures. Those aren't scanned from the actual pictures, and they're not all the pictures I have, so there will be more once I get access to a scanner.

: And don't forget the picture of Scott and Mae Ling at LWE Spring 1999!

: I went to an IBM thing. I got pizza. Celeste won a laptop! Wow! I am in awe of Celeste's laptop-winning skills.

I ate nothing but junk all day. I bought a huge pastry and ate that for breakfast, then I ate pizza for dinner. Bleah. At least I didn't eat anything equally junky (or anything at all) for lunch.

: I added some more (9) pictures to the Texas travelogue, and split it into three files so that it wouldn't be so graphic-heavy. Well, so its graphic-heaviness wouldn't be felt so prominently. This new batch includes such gems as Roswell Ford, Satellite Under Glass, and two new Quartzite pictures. I still have to thumbnail Gameroom, Roswell Bingo, and (maybe) Spoooon. Then I should probably normalize all the thumbnails and make it a full thumbnail thing instead of a combo thumbnail-big picture thing. Then I'll be done. Not quite a year after the trip which the travelogue commemerates.

: I'm just talkin' 'bout Leonard!


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