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: I have this insane nervous tic in my right eye. It kept waking me up last night, and it's driving me crazy now. Argh I say.

By rights crummy.com should work now, but for some reason it doesn't. Stay tuned.

: While moving stuff to crummy.segfault.org, I accidentally deleted madman7, the guided-hypertext CGI I was working on for Peter. Argh again. I'm going to have to go back to an old version and rewrite that.

: Gameroom and Roswell Bingo added to the travelogue. I decided not to do Spoooon because I no longer remember what it was about the spoon that made my mother mad. Look at that alliteration!

: Dada Pokey 2.0 is all working. The cron jobs are in place; Daily Pokey (which has a great new archive system) will be updated every night, as it was before, and the Pokey archives will be checked for new strips every Friday.


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