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: Dan and I want to write a game, for use when we get sick of XBlast and FreeCiv. A networked game, obviously. Dan wanted to do a roguelike game, but unless you have 100+ people playing, a networked roguelike game is not that interesting. So I talked him out of that unless he can come up with a way to make it interesting.

We have one really good idea, but it involves heavy 3D stuff. So I don't want to do it straight off. When Dan wakes up I'm going to try to sell him on a souped-up version of the classic Atari 2600 game Tank. I'm searching through Freshmeat to see if that's been done already, and picking up any other interesting games as I go along.

: We've started on the Tank remake, tenatively titled "Tank Carnage". I'm doing the network support, Dan is doing the client. We're the original Odd Couple! Once I get the message passing figured out, the tank carnage can really begin.


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