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: Paleontologists have found bones indicating that the mighty mosasaur was itself preyed upon by huge, prehistoric sharks. Even more startling is the fact that mosasaurs and sharks would often form nutty vaudeville duos and tour the boards of the ancient seas.

Gotta love Oceans of Kansas and its Real Kansas Wildlife shirt. Also has more cool artists renderings by Dan Varner, who did the vaudeville one.

Saber-toothed herring!

: Here's the Salon article. If you knew a Salon article on a subject was coming up, you could have a good chance of finding it ahead of time. I don't know why I care.

: Looking through a list of O'Reilly books, going up to June 2000. Handling Windows NT Logon Emergencies? How long before my pushd and popd becomes reality?

: I just discovered that Dada Pokey was linked to from memepool. I used to read memepool, but then stopped for some unspecified reason.

: Dada Pokey makes the weblog rounds, old chap! Cardhouse claims to have obtained it from PeterMe, which doesn't appear to actually have a link to it anywhere.


That appears to be it. Dada Pokey remains by far the most popular page on my site.

: Dada Pokey linked to on PigDog, not as an article but just as a link. Maybe they couldn't think of enough sarcastic things to say about it.

: Dan wrote a program in Python that generates Slashdot headlines, and I want to use it to write a song about Slashdot. But he changed the focus to generating Jon Katz headlines, because the Katz headlines it generated were way funnier than any of the other headlines, so I'm just going to make up my own Slashdot headlines for the song.


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