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: It's Novemberlicious! I'm Novemberlicious!

: My {car,life} is falling apart. May have already fallen apart.

Start your day with gasoline
Rev yourself with Mr. Clean
Power up with Thorazine

Start your day with motor oil
Stand it back and watch it boil
Live it up with potting soil
Potting soil

I don't have a third verse. Not very good, but what did you expect? Don't answer that. Implied, Lisa? Or implode?

: I should probably put some good lyrics in here, rather than ones I just made up, so that people don't get an abnormally low idea of my lyric-writing abilities. But I'm so lazy and tired and depressed that all I can do is wave you at music and let you fend for yourself.

: Dinosau r Auction Snares $1 Million. A fairly run-of-the-mill article, but the headline makes it sound like the auction was some sort of scam.

: My music history essay is pretty lame, but it has a great title: Concerto for Several Patches: Wendy Carlos's Interpretation of the Third Brandenburg Concerto

I forgot to mention that Dan says that there is an MLA form for citing the output of a computer program. The MLA people need to get out more. Who am I to talk?

: It's official: Jon Katz loves Katzdot!


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