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: Dan is trying to do the plot for his latest game, Hover Carnage (we are doing a whole family of never-to-be-finished "x Carnage" games; my contribution will be "Tic-Tac-Toe Carnage"). And he's really set on having a real plot, and he's really set on having nanotech in the game. But nanotech just totally removes any conceivable reason why you would run a hovercar around abandoned tunnels at breakneck speed firing mini-nukes at other people in hovercars, except for some sort of death {clock, sport}, and that's so cliche it's not even funny.

: Harry Steven Keeler! And lots of him!

: This is a non-miscarriage of justice! A NON-MISCARRIAGE!!!

: Disclaimer: {36,24,36} is not technically a set, since it contains a duplicate number. Only if she's 5'3"!


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