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: Dan found an IRC script that has a bunch of lines from AOL chat rooms and prints one out randomly. I'm fairly sure they're real AOL chat room lines. It would be more amazing if one person could think all of them up.

: Friday is to be movie night. Dan is done with his midterms on Friday, so I'm going to rent all the good movies he hasn't seen and we're going to watch them. Movies I think are good that Dan has not seen include Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the Star Wars trilogy, 200 Motels, Monty Python/Holy Grail, Monty Python/Life of Brian, Dr. Strangelove, and any given Marx Brothers movie. The only movie Dan could think of that he likes and I haven't seen is Sneakers. Finally, I'm not the person in a group of two people who knows less about movies!

I'm not sure that Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is good. I remember thinking it was really good, and the concept is a sound one, but I don't really remember much about it. So I reserve the right to revoke my endorsement of it.

: I used to not like grapes, because I was surrounded by them (literally; our house was in the middle of miles of grape fields). But now I think they are good booze (not literally).

: Mike added poll bars to the poll results and generally made the poll results nicer to look at. I bumped up the version to 0.95. Still vaguely working towards the new 1.0 rewrite.

Peter and I are also starting to work on another hypertext for the Madman CGI, and I am kind of working on eCow, a CGI interface to cowsay, which will be the next feature. Monty Hall's Hall of Doors needs to be a feature as well.

: I got an 87.5 on my Music History midterm, well out of the reach of steel cages (anything less than a normalized 75-80 is steel cage territory as far as I'm concerned). My essay was well-received.

: I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get the Mad Magazine CD-ROM and try to get it to work with Linux, the way someone got the Star Trek Encyclopedia to work with Linux.

: I did horribly on the database midterm, even compared to everyone else, who also did horribly. This is not good.

: A rudimentary version of eCow works on sal. Dan is obsessed with the idea that someone might be able to break the security. I'm pretty sure it's tight. But I need to make the controls look better and write some copy before I put it up.


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