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: There's a new paper down at gnu.org. I think it's very funny, on several different levels.

: If you do an Altavista image search for "turkey", the turkey crossing sign from the Texas travelogue shows up on the first page of results. There are a whole lot of people doing Altavista image searches for "turkey". It took me a while to figure out why, but I figured it out.

: YES!! Note to the BBC: Give the guy who thinks up these so-bad-they're-good headlines a raise!

: From an email Susanna sent to me:

> I drove to Arizona and back on Monday night. got back at seven in the
> morning. No reason just did. Never doing it again, it was stupid.


Susanna's email style is a lot like my mother's. Interesting.

Susanna never updates her homepage. Oh well.

: Oh yeah, I also got the customary once-in-a-while message from Dave Griffith last night. If only Andy would reply to his mail, I'd be surrounded by Da Warren people.


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