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: I finally found a use for the limes. They can be used to make Hansens Mandarin Lime soda potable.

: "Live it up with potting soil" reminds me of a joke Andy put in a ZZT game (Mansion of Bill, for those who care) about potting soil as a pizza topping. "Trust me, it's great! Go out back and dig some up! You'll love it! I swear!" And don't forget Baked Potato on a Bun.

Andy and I should form a biotechnology startup. He'll be the bio and I'll be the technology. Let's make lots of money.

: Argh. Argh. Argh.


In conclusion, argh.

: They had the steel cage all ready to go, but I think I managed to prevent the actual meeting. I identified all the pieces correctly, I think. The stuff that got me was the questions about orchestration and dates and such. And the essay (which turned out okay, or so I think in my sleep-deprived state) is only worth 20% of the midterm grade. That's gotta hurt.

: This article doesn't even consider the possibility that the moon might actually be a god! What kind of science is that?

: Related to the previous note: I thought Michael Shermer was going to be on campus today, but it's Thursday. It's Friday! I may buy his book. I have a little money, it's only $25, and it would be cool to have an autographed copy.

: Eric Guenterberg gave me a mod_rewrite thing to use on my fire account. So now accessing any page in my old webspace on fire will automatically redirect you here. Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year! Thanks, Eric!


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