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: When spiral galaxies attack!

: I had an idea for Be Dope, but no time to write the story. In fact, I don't even have time to write this entry that points to Mike's treatment of the idea. Gotta go fail this midterm now.

: Argh. Steel cage carnage. I'm out half an hour early because I couldn't do the problems I couldn't do. I really, really couldn't do them. They required knowledge about secondary B+-tree indices and safe Datalog, knowledge which I do not posess. So I just guessed.

: How can you write an article that involves Frank Zappa as much as does this Salon article, yet is as bad and nonsensical as that selfsame article?

: The problem with America's teenagers is that we as a nation are failing them. We are failing them by no longer producing those silly high school movies and TV shows like Saved by the Bell and Ferris Beuller's Day Off. Today's youth lack constructive goofing off role models.


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