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: Oh, did you need that? NYCB got nuked. The good side is that now I have full online editing capability for the notebooks. No more having to put up with bad links and typos and such. I was going to make my students do it, but finally gave in (the corresponding lecture is a week away) and did it myself. Good thing too, actually, as giving it the required generality was tougher than it looked. I had to write a full front-end. I wrote it in Python, just to be contrary. Having mixed feelings about Python. Nothing I do was made easier than the corresponding action in Perl. Not sure how much of that is due to my inexperience. Source forthcoming as soon as I sec check it, generalize status messages, etc. You can see the new interface here.

Memo to myself: Do the dumb things I have to do, think up more enhancements. One: a line containing only a URL will be replaced with a link and a br

Egad! Slashdot adoption of Leonardonics!

I'm writing this paragraph in the editor.

Man, this editing stuff is addictive.


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