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: Whoever was surfing with HP-UX Netscape and got a bad browser greeting, it's fixed now. Marvel as my monstrous CGI recognizes your browser, no matter what it is!

: Easy midterm. Of course, I said that about the LS midterm. But that was an easy midterm, I just did terribly on it. If that makes sense.

Ha ha, I just made a typo in this entry, and submitted it. "Oh darn," I thought. "But wait!", I then thought. "I can edit this now! Now I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!!"

: In other news, I ordered 2 10.1 gig hard drives. One for me, one for gogol.

: Made the publishing frontend more convenient for me (and for anyone else who uses a .notebookrc) with automatic name insertion. Also fixed the thing where the notebook names were coming out in the wrong order, and learned about tuples in the process.

: I knew there was a security hole in the new notebook scheme, just waiting to be expressed! Waiting to die! Well, it's dead now. You could edit the public notebook without having the system notebook password. That's all changed now. The notebook program isn't here to create disorder. The notebook program is here to preserve disorder.

I'm still not sure if someone could screw with the notebook program by creating malicious HTML interfaces into it. I doubt it, as everything except adding to the public notebook goes through the system password or the user password.

: I updated the travelogue. It now goes up to the 27th.


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