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: I now have a software notebook for putting my freshmeat appindex entries and other software links in. It's easy, with the notebook program!

The other thing I want to do is have a hook that you can have executed on the text of your notebook entry. So I can <pre> the freshmeat entries, and put the time formatting thing in there for the other notebooks. That will have to wait until I move everything over to Python.

: Ho ho ho ho ho. I have a basic RMI grep up and running. The hard part is over. The other part is also hard, but is more interesting. My aim is to be able to plug in some keywords and have the server look in the source text crossword-puzzle-wise for your words, a la The Bible Code. The part I'm goig to do for CS131 is just a windowed grep, possibly a multidimensional windowed grep.

I need to find out how to make an RMI server unregister itself from the registry instead of killing the registry every time I change the server. I smell it in java.rmi.Naming.


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