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: It seems that my document tree generator does not generate valid 4.0 HTML. Maybe I should actually find out what the DD tags do before using them all over.

I'll fix it later. Right now I'm redoing the notebook program.

: I'v always suspected the Register writers were weird, but I'm starting to think they might actually be high as well.

: Today is Rachel's birthday. Happy birthday, Rachel. She is 16. I remember being 16. Man, I'm old.

Today is also L. Ron Hubbard's birthday. Funny old thing, life.

: No new TATC functionality, save the ability to unbind the server, but the interface is a lot better and it's all nicely object-oriented now. I've run it both locally on fire and from kuato, so there really is RMI happening and I'm not just fooling myself. I'll probably spend the rest of the day hacking on this and then Sunday on stuff for Peter.


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