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: TATC now works locally (not through RMI) if you have all the classes on your system. This is good for me begause it was driving me crazy bringing the server up and down whenever I changed anything. I almost have it doing the basic windowed grep, which is about as far as I will go (yes, sir!) for the 131 project.


Shocking come-on found in GNU General Public License!


Man, TATC is great. It only looks backwards and forwards at the moment (the hard part is not looking in other directions but in generating boxes for those other directions), and lacks almost all real functionality, but I can already jump to ridiculous, unwarrented conclusions about pieces of arbitrary text.

The actual run looks like this:

Looking for "sex" in http://crummy.segfault.org/code/gpl.txt
"sex" found at (2,3)
Step: (1,0)

Hit enter to continue.

: Oh man. I'm so close to having TATC do arbitrary-step searching. The implementation of the bit that makes the text block is brilliant. I just have to do more experiments and fine-tune the equations.

: TATC To-do list:

  1. Figure out slantwise block generation.
  2. Catch StringIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions and make them just quit looking for the rest of an out-of-box string.
  3. Don't reverse coordinates for strings found upside-down or backwards

I have left-right and up-down searches working.


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