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: I read Focault's Pendulum on Friday and Saturday. A bibliography is one of those things that you're too lazy to write in PHP or Perl but which will be a snap in SLIME.

But at any rate, a thing that drives my mother crazy (the book is my mother's (The book is my uncle's, borrowed by my mother), borrowed by me) is that when I borrow a book I take off the jacket so I don't ruin it. Actually any book I take off the jacket while I'm reading it. Because if I read a book of any size that has a jacket on it, I just know that that jacket is going to get torn.

Actually, the thing that actually drives my mother crazy is that I leave the jacket on the floor. I can understand that.

: It occurs to me that you might want to know something about Foucalt's Pendulum the book. It's pretty good. In the same vein as Illuminatus, but less off-the-wall 60s and more cereberal.


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