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: Oh no, UCLA sucks!. Actually, the only two things I can see on that page where UCLA would really be worse than any other large university would be the constant construction and the fascist anti-Linux dorm computer managers. Much evil is common practice at colleges. Yoda I am today speaking like.

: This is not to say that I don't applaud the goals of UCLA Sucks, but I think some perspective is needed. UCLA does not have a monopoly on clueless college management. It certainly does not have a monopoly on things like outrageous textbook buyback prices, which are ubiquitous.

: Until today I had never said the word "ubiquitous" out loud. Try it and you'll see how I know this. I would have noticed that before.

: I am out of money. I have no money at all. Absolutely no money. I have to pay my rent by Tuesday. This is not good.

: Wait a minute, dammit. I have to have money. I just got the remainder of Peter's OAC grant dumped in my account today. That check must have already cleared, and I must have $1200 now instead of having $1200 and owing $1250. That is what had better be the case.


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