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: Ewan McGregor is James Joyce!

: I should probably point to my public PGP key, in NYCB as I have started signing all of my messages. In case the URL to it in the actual signiature isn't clue enough for you where to find it. The Josh-Campbell-Leonard entity is also capable of sending encrypted mail among its consistutent parts.

: The summertime cleanup continues, as I have finally gotten ansiconv to work. I had to add an option to my BBS2ANSI program to throw away the blink data, as convansi interprets "blink" to mean "white background". That's not as dumb a mistake as you'd think, but it's not what I want. I'm working on an ANSI viewer and sorting out the ANSIs that I actually want people to view, as opposed to the ones that are just shameless appropriations of preexisting ANSIs (as opposed to lame parodies and minor changes made to preexisting ANSIs), and ANSIs I did that I now find highly emberassing.

: The viewer and 45 Da Warren ANSIs are up at the new Da Da Warren Memorial Memorial. The new Gumby! More will be up eventually.

: Tonight's Futurama was the story of me trying to watch Futurama. When my PC is turned on it scrambles Fox.

I'm officially done with sampo. I've been moving stuff over all evening. The trend will continue now that Futurama is over.


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