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: A- in CS161. I bet Campbell is steaming mad at {dirt, that news}.

: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! See the ncurses documentation allow leonardr to port a mountain of colorful DOS code!

Andy knows what I'm talking about. Watch for BOOZE For Linux to be out soon.

: Could Steve Wozniak possibly kick more ass per unit time?

: It's time for me to point once again to my Dylan-esque protest song, The Flag Burning Amendment Makes Me Want To Burn The Flag. As much as I like that song, I wish I didn't have to point to it.

: I'm bored, and tired from packing up stuff for moving tomorrow, so I will take some time to explain "may contain Mike".

It references Mike Howard, who I went to high school with and who started me on playing the guitar. He had the coolest haircut in the world. I can't explain it, but it was really cool. Then one day he shaved his head, and he kept it shaved for the remainder of high school. Which is fine, but not as cool as his old haircut. The point of this paragraph is that Mike Howard shaved his head.

There is a video Mike and I made on May 10, 1996, of us playing our respective guitars in my bedroom. The two highlights of the video are 1) the really stupid faces I make when I sing, and 2) two of the three versions we did of the improvised song "Streethouse Rock" (the first, and superior, version, was lost to a dead battery). It involved the phrase "Streethouse Rock is back again, we've got x and all {his,her,its} friends" a lot. I no longer find it as funny as I used to, but it's pretty funny. Anyway, at the end of the song I do this stream-of-consciousness thing expanding on the station identification for KMPH Fox 26 (man, as soon as I start explaining one bit it brings up another bit), going into all this disclaimer stuff, and ending with (literal quote) "Caution! May contain small parts. Caution! Caution! May contain parts. Caution! May contain explosive material. Do not eat. Caution! May contain Mike. Do not shave head."

Aren't you glad I explained that to you? Now I have to explain the KMPH Fox 26 bit eventually.


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