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: I might get one of these free home automation kits, but man, look at that copy! It makes it sound like this hypothetical guy has his family in some sick animal behavior experiment! Can't home automation be used for good instead of evil?

Actually, I'm not going to get one of those things. I already have too much crap I don't need.

: My mother has printed out my travelogue, and is going to find and scan photos for me to put up. She was complaining that the scanner was telling her that she was out of memory. She was trying to scan pictures at 1200 dpi. I talked her down to 600 dpi, and told her that I don't want anything above 300dpi.

: Well, I'm moved in. My feet are killing me. Now it's runaway with the rich and famous as I go down to Riverside with Mark of LWE travelogue fame to play networked games until all hours.

Texas travelogue pictures are coming along, although they are being scanned at too high a resolution to be Webable. I may have said this already.


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