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: As previously reported, I missed the first 40 minutes of the DS9 series finale. However, I saw enough to make this judgement: it really, really looked like two episodes pasted together; a battle episode which was really good, and then a wrap-up episode which wasn't as exciting. It stopped being exciting when Garak left, IMO, early in the second half.

I did like it, quite a bit. I haven't been following DS9 until recently, but both the Cardassians and the Federation were made much more well-rounded cultures in DS9 than they ever were in TNG.

The downloading is long done, but the upgrading of my system continues. I switched from stable Debian to unstable Debian, so not only am I having to upgrade every single package, I'm having to run the Install thing multiple times to get rid of all the order dependencies which haven't been worked out yet. I crave the 2.2 kernel the way I crave tacos.

Mmm, tacos. Mmm, html2latex. Mmm, abiword. Mmm, other things on my new system.

Speaking of programs with 2 in their names, I wrote a program on Saturday called bbs2ansi which converts Wildcat! BBS display files (of which I have a million, some of them very funny) into standard ANSI (actually highly nonstandard ANSI, just because I can't be bothered to do efficient ANSI) display files, for piping into iCE's 31337 convansi program for putting on the Web. It works great, although it appears to have problems with blinking sometimes.

: Peter is afraid of the "unstable" designation. Don't you be. Debian "unstable" means "unstable compared to stable" and "stable" means "mission-critical production-quality". There is little to no connection to the meaning of "unstable" in the Windows world, except possibly immediately after a new stable release, when people dump a bunch of stuff in unstable and break everything.

Obviously, if you're running a production server, you don't use unstable, for the same reason you don't use NT. But I'm not.


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