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: !!!!! The movie First Spaceship on Venus, as seen on MST3K, is based on a book called The Astronauts by Stanislaw Lem! "Lem is said to have disowned the film."

Lem was alive as of 1996. That's the date of an interview with him I found. At any rate, he no longer writes.

I'm getting all this stuff at pages like this one.

: There is a security seminar called "Deciduous: Decentralized Identification of Network-Based Intrusion Source" today, which I plan to attend, if only for the free food.

: Woo! Warner Brothers cartoon pop culture references explained!

: With this entry, the July 1999 NYCB will become the largest NYCB to date, the previous record holder being the March 1998 NYCB.

95% on the math midterm. I did make the one mistake I thought I had made. English midterm in 20 minutes. I went through Franklin yesterday, marking everything that might be of use, and am trying to force my way through Higher Laws, as my prof believes that to be one of the focal points of Walden.

: My midterm essay was long-winded and scattershot, but such is the manner of midterm essays.


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