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: My mother is coming down to LA with my computer. Fortunately she was coming down to LA anyway. At one point in my life I would have been excited to the point of incoherence by a new piece of hardware, much less a new computer. I am excited, but not to the point of incoherence. How swiftly fly the joys of youth!

: An actual "cool links" page that links to Dada Pokey: http://www.spaceninja.com/home/links.html

: Five years later, it's still funny: (extended file description for TOXINS.ZIP, uploaded to Da Warren on 7/15/1994)

Should you go for the more expensive mainstream drugs, or should you
try to get a cheap high off of a passing toad? This file will tell you
which species posess the toxins that make these amphibians a favorite of
Beavis and Butthead, as well as the effects of the toxins. This handy
guide will help you evaluate whether or not to "LICK THAT TOAD!"

: Another Da Warren file description, funny in a different way:

WINMODEM v1.00  - WinModem makes the invisible visible. If you have
an internal modem, WinModem can supply the missing status lights. No
more guesswork. You'll always know what the modem id [sic] doing. A must-have
utility if you use communications under Windows.

: Leonardonics: xus maximus (archaic)

: With the new Linux, going on the Internet has never been easier! And when you buy from Affordable Computers, we don't tell you the root password of the machine you buy, but we set it to "password" so you can probably guess it!

Man, this Netscape is fast. Everything is fast, except for bootup, which unaccountably takes forever. This machine weighs in at a beefy 897.84 Bogomips.

I was given a 3.5 gig hard drive instead of a 1.0 gig. I'm not complaining.

kppp is solid gold.

: I'm cooking in the BeOS. Not at the moment, as I can't get it to recognize my modem. But in general, I have done cooking in the BeOS. I want to do a song composed entirely of pieces of audio that came on the BeOS CD.


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