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: When real-time sound is off, my recording skips. When real-time sound is on, the sound quality degrades as a function of how much other stuff is in memory. In particular, if I am playing back a song to record another track on top of it, the sound quality of what I record is completely unusable.

This is unacceptable behavior on the part of the BeOS, particularily on a 450Mhz/128M machine. I hesitate to blame the BeOS for this, but the evidence is pretty convincing.

Possibly I'm recording at an unreasonably high sampling rate, but I can't find anywhere to change it, either at the system or the application level.

: Woohoo! Dan Helfman, whom I will be living with next year in a room the size of a refrigerator carton, has a personal slang dictionary! I should write some software for managing one's personal slang dictionary. That might encourage more people to have them. All those without personal slang dictionaries will taste my lizard steel!

: I got a RAM checking utility. Even while simultanously mixing a bunch of old tracks and recording a new one on top of that, the BeOS stays within the first 64 megs of RAM. I have half my RAM doing absolutely nothing, and the recording still sounds horrid!


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