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: My mother alleges that it has not been three years since I bought a computer, since "[w]e just bought mine in February". However, I did not buy that computer, and, more to the point, that is not my computer, it is her computer.

Am I really picky? Yesterday at work I was talking about the sale of 25 tons of gold by the Bank of England, and Rona made a joke, saying that that amount of gold would be worth about 25 cents in Canadian money. The point of the joke was that Canadian money is worthless, but I pointed out that the joke actually implied that Canadian money was incredibly valuable, if 25 cents would buy 25 tons of gold. And Rona implied that I was being really picky. But if you make a joke, and someone points out that the point made by the joke was the opposite point of the one you intended to make, is that being picky?


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