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: I am leaving soon for the airport. I have to pay an hour before the flight. I will be waiting for the flight for as long as I will be on the flight.

My backpack is full of clothes so I need an auxilliary container. I asked Ellina Poulson (who is kindly taking me to LAX) if I can use a briefcase. I don't know if a briefcase is the sort of thing you have lying around the house. If not, I will have to use a Trader Joe's bag to contain my books. I would rather use the briefcase as I can use that at LWE. But as I said, I don't know if she'll have a spare briefcase.

I have a piece of paper which contains all the information I will need to survive from now until I get back. Except for the obvious stuff like not running into walls. Wait, I don't have Mae Ling's cell phone number. Okay, I do now. If I get stranded at the airport or something, Mae Ling will save me. I hope.

Whenever I write a capital "R", I automatically write it with a double bar, making it the symbol for the real numbers. I'm fairly sure this is because the only time I actually write on paper is in math class.

The white zone is for loading and unloading only.

: This is leonardr reporting live from Linuxworld Expo. I'm doing time at the GNU booth with Mae Ling. I have shed my jacket for a cool purple and yellow GNU bowling shirt, which I get to keep even. Woohoo! Miguel De Icaza is talking with some KDE guys about CORBA.

: I'm writing this on Garrett's mighty laptop. I met ESR and totally botched the interaction with him. Mae Ling and I gave out FSF party invitations to all the exhibitors on the show floor. Then we lay on the inflatable couch because our feet hurt. Garrett gave me another linux.com T-shirt.

: Mae Ling ran off with ESR somewhere. I'm stuck manning the FSF booth with another guy. Bleah.


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