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: Yesterday, in accordance with prophecy, we went down and had lunch with Mike. He's quite a guy. We have pictures in Mae Ling's camera which may eventually see the light of day. A pair of symmetric bunny-ears pictures, one outside, one in Mike's cubicle. Mike has a BeBox. It's an incredibly cool piece of hardware. All those ports in the back make me drool.

I'm going home tomorrow. I'm going to have to catch up with my math; I think the final is on Thursday. It was worth it to come up here, though.

In San Jose, near the convention center, there is a carpet store. There are big signs in the window saying "Remnant Sale" and "Remnants 80% off". This sparked off a great running joke about Scott James Remnant, which generally involves me doing my stupid British accent that sounds nothing like Scott, but it's supposed to be Scott selling himself in the manner of a used car salesman. "Hurry! I'm going fast!"

: The LinuxWorld story is up now.


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