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: Last night I finished Pity Me and Platform Independance Day, two songs that have been languishing around unfinished for years. I also chipped away a little at Cultural Integrity, which I doubt I will ever finish. Well, I only need like three more lines. I may finish it in another year or so.

: Oh yeah, I'm writing a new song called Eric Raymond Thinks I'm A Spaz. So far it has nothing to do with Eric Raymond. It has everything to do with Brand's Traditional Essence of Chicken. This device has incorrect properties!

: How good is "Organism Overdrive" as a band name?

I wanted to put up a poll asking that, but I can't find a poll program, and writing one involves doing work. Segfault's poll program uses a database, which is overkill for me.

If I know me, and I think I do, I'll probably get bored of studying tonight and write a poll program then.


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