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: The vote program is good enough for folk. Once more I retain my title as king of silly acronyms with the Cheezy Online Poll Of Useless Things. I'm going to sleep.

: I folded the opinions into the articles, clearing up that big titlebar a little. The features are next to go, maybe.

: I think I would like to live in Menlo Park after all. It's very nice, not Silicon Valley-ish at all. I hear it's really expensive, though.

I should probably be studying.

: The steel cage still vibrates from the meeting of me and the father of the math final. I finished 20 minutes early. I can't see where I could have made a single mistake. Oh, wait, I forgot a square root which screwed up a normalization which gave a vector twice the value it should have had. So that's a couple points off.

: A in English, almost certain A in math.

: Why didn't anyone tell me that the vote was screwing up the front page in Netscape?

: COPOUT is improved. I need to put it on the devel page, and revamp the devel page while I'm at it.

: I added some comics to comics/, and rearranged pix/. There are front and back pictures of the Cascadia Megathrust Subduction Event T-shirt in the misc pictures of me section.

: According to the public, Organism Overdrive is not a good name for a band. I'll leave the poll up over the weekend while I try to think of another name to put on the poll.

: Argh. I don't have anything to do. I'm waiting for my mother to pick me up and I have absolutely nothing to do.


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