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: I'm here, but I'm laying low so that Scott won't make me work on Segfault. Also, my life is changing at a rate more rapid than I am used to, and I need to recalibrate. I don't know how not doing anything will help me recalibrate, but I don't know what else to do.

I'm trying to write a log analysis program. I'm also moving to another apartment, on Saturday. I'll be living with Dan Helfman, when he moves in around the middle of September. La la la la life goes on.

I don't want to say "Dan Helfman" and I don't want to say "Daniel Helfman", which obviously leaves me in a fix. I want to say "Danny Helfman", for obvious reasons, but I don't think he would like that. Possibly I will call him Dan informally, and witten formally. Or vice versa. Let me know, Dan.

I'm probably going to keep "The Open Standards Band", as people generally think it's okay. I'm going to do a poll on "Sunshine Unit" just to see what people think, as I'm still thinking about doing an album based on the fictitious cover art I did for Susanna. I'm certainly not going to do more than one album as Sunshine Unit.

My mother: People who say bad things about L.A...
Me: Live in New York.
My mother: Aren't really talking about L.A., they're talking about the suburbs here.
Me: Oh.


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