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: More search-engine saps I feel sorry for:

"music theoretician" -> "I'm sure there's a technical reason behind the mellowness of the extended power chord, but do I look like a music theoretician?" on the old music page (just now)

"ling ling potsticker sauce" -> separate discussions of Mae Ling Mak and of mix-your-own-sauce potstickers in my unfinished Spring LWE travelogue (all the way back in July, I only found this by accident just now)

That reminds me that I need to try and get those pictures of Mike and myself from Mae Ling so that we can do a BeDope/segv crossover type story or something. I should probably just have her mail them to Mike.

: I don't have phone in my new apartment. I probably need to go somewhere and pay money to have it hooked up. So I don't have unternet at home. So I have to do everything on campus. In fact, there's really no compelling reason for me to go home at the moment.

I had Mongolian barbecue last night. It occurs to me that the pizza place I slag on in my Texas travelogue was actually no less sanitary than your average Mongolian barbecue place. Well, Mongolian barbecue places have tongs for the food.

Mongolian barbecue is excellent booze.

I got mail from daniel (another one?!) who is my ynn.com visitor. He appears to have a homepage, but it's on a dynamic IP so it's not up at the mo.

"Sunshine Unit" is doing better than I thought it would do.

I guess I'll go buy poster-hanging sticky stuff and then go back home.


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