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: Oh yeah, in the last episode of "My Word!", one of the guys said it had been thirty years since "the war". Assuming this refers to WWII, that confirms my suspicions of a late 60s/early 70s date for the recordings. At last count, "My Word!" is the only good thing to come out of the 70s.

: This week's Information Week has these nutty pictures of Steve Ballmer on the cover. It's like "The Many Faces of Steve Ballmer".

Steve Ballmer cracks me up. I think I figured out his appeal to me. He's evil, but cheerfully so. I arrived at Demon Dog without going through Steve Ballmer, but the characters of the two are very similar, I think.

Nice overccast foggy weather today.

: I wrote a song called "Social Chameleon" a few days ago and I can't stop {loving you, singing it}. It has both a Gilbert-and-Sullivan contrived rhyme scheme and frequent occurances of "the x of cephalopods", so I'm pretty much helpless against its mighty sticking-in-my-head powers.


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