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: Boy, when your subconscious pulls out some random bit of your memory to put in your dream, but the bit of memory it gets involves solving a system of linear equations, and your subconscious can't do math worth beans; that's when the in-dream hilarity begins.

: By a certain, not unreasonable interpretation of the data, "Sunshine Unit" is doing better than "The Open Standards Band" did. The only thing I'm concerned about is that the opinions are more varied as regards "Sunshine Unit".

It just occured to me: is this even a valid way of picking a band name? It seems as though band names should be thought up and voted upon by the members of the band, preferably while drunk.

: Mail You Can Bruise from Dan re his name.

: I put COPOUT on /devel/, despite not having documented it yet, and revamped the devel page. It now looks a lot better.

: I got an A in math, giving me straight As in my technical minor classes. My GPA goes up from 3.21 to 3.233. I doubt I'll get it up to 3.3 before I graduate.

: Wait a minute, something is fishy. I didn't get any grade points for Math 115, and it only puts me down for 4 units last term. Possibly URSA is being flaky. So my actual GPA is probably 3.256 or therabouts.

: I see what it is. The math class was in a different session than the english class. Even though my grade is in, my GPA hasn't been recalculated yet.


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