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: The cross-pollination continues as Mike Popovic writes another story for segfault. It's funny. Read it. As editor of segfault I demand more topical satire and less Microsoft-bashing!

Oh yeah, yesterday while we were doing the endless CSUA lounge cleanup, Mark got on Fred's case about Fred's endless Microsoft-bashing, and Fred and I were responding to every sentence Mark said by replacing words in that sentence to make it a Microsoft-bashing sentence. It was funny. That said, endless (or even substantial) Microsoft-bashing is, IMHO, not good. There's no need to make Microsoft-bashing your raison d'etre. That's French for "ethereal raisin".

: Susanna is leaving for college on the 17th. She is going to BYU. Presumably she will have a home page there. I'm not too happy about her choice of college, but I'm not in charge of where Susanna goes to college or doesn't go to college. So I hope she does well. I don't think she has a major yet.


Hi Scott! I see you searching for my name! That contact information page really works.

What does this mean?


: Also, yesterday we decided that people should not wear Linux T-shirts to LinuxWorld Expo, because all the suits will be wearing Linux T-shirts, and if no real people wear them then it will be easy to spot the suits.

: Susanna does not have a major. Among other classes, she has to take a "student development" class which will presumably guide her to a major.

I told Susanna she has to have a home page when she goes to college.

Surprisingly much of my math homework is done. I have to go turn it in now.

: My big search engine hit-getters this week are "Poorman's Bikini Beach", and the perennially popular "Captain Planet" and its variations.

: My paper is done. 1076 words. Now I will sleep.


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