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: Jake communicates with me through Altavista searches, in the same way I once communicated with Joe Barr through invalid page accesses. Noam Chompsky?

: Hey, cool, I want to go to the GNU picnic.

: Leonardonics: This x is insufficiently y!

I have to take my English final in a little bit. I'd better go figure out how to print out my paper.

: csound is great, but its macro processing sucks. I'm going to have to write Perl programs that generate csound scores. In the meantime, you can listen to my still-unfinished csound masterpiece, Annoying Techno Music, from the version 1.1.2pl14 page. That's as much csound as I can stand to do without being able to make repeated phrases into functions. If I pointed you to that file earlier today, it's updated now, with two more measures of annoying techno goodness.

: Another version of Annoying Techno Music. It's now generated by a Perl script. I now realize that Perl scripts have their own problems when it comes to generating music. However, I suppose I can avoid those by just having it print csound stuff in a print <<.

The little ditty in bars 10-11 is stupid and needs to be changed. I like the fact that I did a 15-bar song that doesn't sound weird because of it.


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