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: I am getting tired of {dandelions, my Texas travelogue}. I keep having to go through it to fix things and I am getting tired of reading it. But don't you get tired of it.

: "Noam Chompsky" is Jake's misspelling (intentional? he knows how to spell it) and not mine. I reproduce below his altavista query, which will not make sense to you because it is in response to an email I sent to him, pertaining to a song I wrote about Mark Fasheh:

http://www.altavista.com/cgi-bin/query?pg=q&q=leonard+richardson%2e+this+is +jake%2e+your+new+song+sounds+awesome%2e+i+harbor+strong+feelings+towards+ superintelligent+monkeys+myself%2c+although+in+my+version+they+all+wear+rumpled+ suits+like+noam+chompsky+and+speak+in+english+accents%2e+if+push+comes+to+shove+you+ can+always+output+the+drum+machine+to+tape+and+then+play+it+back+into+your+multi+ tracker+and+record+on+top+of+it%2e+well%2c+i+think+i%27ve+proven+my+point%2e+ your+pal%2c+jake+berendes+%2b%22leonard+richardson%22&stq=10&c9k

: The fact that I can correctly spell Noam Chomsky's name is evidenced by my personal notebook, in which the June 22 entry makes reference to his sinister Chomsky Hierarchy of Grammars.

: Today was Nina Garcia's last day at MAP. Her arrival is chronicled in the May 1998 NYCB, in the 05/06 entry.

: I got an email from Campus Events:

Director Colin Ebling chose to use the rave culture phenomenon as a metaphor for the show. The text has not been changed from its original format. However, the show and its characters appear as never before. Surrounded by his colorful Apostles dressed in layers of day-glo and beads, Jesus (John Torres) suffers for us all, once again.

I'm no expert, but wasn't once enough?

: 6 new graphics in the Texas travelogue, including two from Roswell.

: I am attempting to MP3ify the tracks from Nowhere Standard Time. The results are not that great, but they're probably on par with a dub of the master. I'll let you know how it goes. Yes, you personally.

: Does anyone have the liner notes I wrote for BSD and NST? Because I don't. And I don't want to write them all again.

: Also, if you were to manufacture a robotic giant, wouldn't you make it out of something more durable than iron?


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