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: The thing I thought was going to speed up TATC tenfold actually made it incredibly slower. This surprises me, as I thought I was just doing {what Jerry does for those kids, what the regexps would do if they knew what I was trying to do}. Obviously the regexps are smarter than I am. On the bright side, at least I got to raid Knuth for a binary search.

I'm hoping to spend the weekend working on SLIME with Scott. Failing that, I have TATC and COPOUT to work on.

: CDDB recognizes Supernova, Hazel, and my chants médiévaux anglais. That pretty much exhausts my collection of CDs that could possibly trip up CDDB. For some reason Joe's Garage is classified as Jazz.

Didn't CDDB become evil? What should I be using instead?

: I foolishly locked myself out of my room (I grabbed my sunglasses instead of my keys) and had to go to RA Harold's room to have him bail me out.

: Daniel Hsu has been hiding icecream from me. icecream is "a parody" of Notebook Of Web-Basedness, so-called because "[it] sucks next to [mine]". It looks to have all my features, though, except possibly editing. It also has a better name.


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