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: There is a sushi place in Westwood called "Cowboy Sushi". Thus, the new poll. Cowboy Sushi is located next door to the theater at which I saw The Phantom Menace. It offers all you can eat sushi for $7.99, or something like that.

: I'm going to try and MP3 Bad Stupid Delerious ([sic], as always) today. I'm rewinding the master as I type. Mike check! One two! One two! Hello!

: BSD is MP3ed. Enjoy it. The files compressed really well, probably due to the very low fidelity of the original recording. If you want to get a taste of the album but don't have much bandwidth, I reccommend Latest and Beef, which I think are the best tracks.

: I was going to MP3 the first part of Jake's Birthday Party, in order to prevent people from asking me to MP3 the whole thing. Unfortunately, I discovered that I don't actually have it. I just have the tape with the drum loop. So I MP3ed one revolution of the drum loop instead. Jake is the only person on earth who actually has a copy of Jake's Birthday Party.

: Hi. There's a really nice vocal piece on Music From The Hearts of Space. It's called a "prayer cycle" or something stupid like that, but it's really nice. Here is the playlist.

That sort of vocal music tends to have an effect on me regardless of whether it's good or not, so it may not actually be good.

I am eating a bowl of second-order mongrel cereal. The two component cereals are Crispix and the weird barely-sweet "fruity" cereal you get at Trader Joe's. I think it's called Fruit Punch, because the motto is "The Punch with a Crunch!". The mongrel cereal is not as good as I thought it would be.

Hutts of Space is over now. We will surely miss you. If you want to see us again, just turn on your TV to... Channel Two!


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