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: I may be missing something here, but why would someone pay for Citrix Winframe for Unix when they can run applications remotely with plain X? Winframe seems to be a product that exists only to compensate for Windows' brokenness.

: As part of our unending effort to quash free speech, we at segfault.org are cracking down on the most egrerious instances of comment abuse. From now on, comments that render to over 6K long will not be accepted by the database. This puts an end to the practice of putting lots of

s (which the render code treats specially) in comment text, making the associated story pages really long and impossible to view.

To destroy the rights of those who have already posted such messages, the rendering code has been changed such that multiple

s will be folded into one
. There is no escape from the oppressive iron fist of tag-folding which we wield with an iron fist.

Any further attempts at segfault.org comment abuse will require spamming, which nobody is willing to defend.

: My old friend David Griffith has successfully gone two years without updating his homepage!

: Josh, repository of all sushi knowledge, writes me to say that Cowboy Sushi is "not bad at all for the price" (which is $15.99, not $7.99). Josh also reccommends {Zenith products, freecddb}.

A rudimentary scratch recording of the first part of Cerberus is avaliable from the Porcelain Puppy vs. Demon Dog MP3 site. In stereo! I mainly did it to see if my technique for emulating the three-headed hellhound we all know and love would be successful. I think it worked pretty well. The last punchline was tacked on after I'd already recorded the first part; that's why Satan and Cerberus sound different in their last lines.

I don't know how good my narrator voice is. Also, I'm certainly not going to voice all of Cerberus' heads in the real version.


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