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: Josh, repository of all sushi knowledge, writes me to say that Cowboy Sushi is "not bad at all for the price" (which is $15.99, not $7.99). Josh also reccommends {Zenith products, freecddb}.

A rudimentary scratch recording of the first part of Cerberus is avaliable from the Porcelain Puppy vs. Demon Dog MP3 site. In stereo! I mainly did it to see if my technique for emulating the three-headed hellhound we all know and love would be successful. I think it worked pretty well. The last punchline was tacked on after I'd already recorded the first part; that's why Satan and Cerberus sound different in their last lines.

I don't know how good my narrator voice is. Also, I'm certainly not going to voice all of Cerberus' heads in the real version.


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