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: how+to+lose+your+virginity -> /~leonardr/articles/virgin/index.shtml
Another satisfied customer!

They tried that with Google, they should try Ask Jeeves.

COPOUT is up to version 0.9. I just need to add web-based vote add and edit, which I will never do. Thanks for telling me that it wouldn't let you vote for the first item in a poll, nobody.

I saw a possum today!

: I accidentally mailed David Kaplan, who I don't know, instead of Adam Kaplan. However, David Kaplan, re my .sig, suggested pairing up Alfred Tarski with Alonzo Church to make "Tarski and Church". So that turned out okay.

: I also got rid of the "could not get working directory" when you edited a notebook in the notebook program. I did this by dumping a file into the text area instead of making cat do it. Always a good idea to do things yourself instead of passing the buck to cat.

: Kansas school board votes to eliminate any reference to chain letter evolution in curriculum.

Cop-out (not COPOUT) ending, but this this article on the idea of simulated worlds is fun, and quotes Lem.

: We're going to rewire the CSUA lounge. There will be some downtime. There is some giganticism associated with this drug.


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