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: How does anyone get any surfing done in Windows? None of the browsers work properly. It happened at my mother's house, and now it's happening at work.

Dan and I are playing networked XBlast and FreeCiv. Not right now, obviously, and not simultaneously. Both are fun, in different ways. We may branch into Quake, but I don't like first-person games very much. I like my games of carnage to have a top view (as in XBlast), like a gruesome, bloody board game. That's what I like about XBlast, actually. It's like Monopoly... with {Asia Carrera, bombs}! Two thousand dollars? Well I'm afraid you don't have a hotel on Boardwalk anymore! AH HA HA HA HA!

Dan: [referring to FreeCiv's game-year system] The game ends in the year 2000, I think.
Me: They should fix that.

I am painfully aware that in almost all my little slices of dialogue that I put on this page, the punchline (if there is one) is delivered by yours truly. I don't know if I selectively remember the things I say, or if I think the things I say are funnier than the things others say, or what.

Dan also helped me get set up with a good X configuration that lets me have 1024x768 at 16-bit color, and doesn't have that fuzzy thing at the edge of the screen. Lousy show-off. I mean, uh, thanks, Dan!


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