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: School's back from summer. School's back forever. I have to be in Public Policy in half an hour, in my logic class.

Yesterday was Trofim Lysenko's birthday.

: URSA says I am #2 on the CS112 wait list. my.ucla.edu says I am #6. I think my.ucla.edu is lying, or the 6 represents something else, because it says "6/6", which implies that the wait list has a capacity of 6, which is a ridiculous size for a wait list. We shall see.

My logic class was in Franz, not in Public Policy. My CS112 lecture is in Public Policy. News You Can Bruise regrets the error.

: No, no! Someone hit the main page on a Google query for something too horrible to contemplate (if I put it down here, it will just attract more perverts searching for it). No! That is wrong! Shame on you, dialupU163.mpls.uswest.net!

: Scott Hammack points out that "salmonella" is in fact spelled "salmonella". Lousy pedantic bastard--another sandwich, dear?


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