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: Wear the Bear!

I think they forgot about that URL. Thank goodness for Chef UCLASeek!

: I've decided that with the new direction the notebook program has taken, there's no point in having that (leonardr) after every entry. So I took it out.

: Spot the error in this USA Today article on Project Gutenburg:

"I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a snack to take to the computer room, and they'd stuffed a copy of the Declaration of Independence on fake parchment in my bag. I was pawing around to look for something, found it and decided, 'If I put this up online, it will last a long time.' "

Typing the stirring words beginning "We, the People" into a file, he tried to mail it to everyone on the Net (only about 100 people at the time), almost creating the first spam. After the furor died down, he decided posting the text made more sense.

: Jake has agreed to be my "virtual drummer". Cool!

: Segfault is back up, but the connection still seems kinda slow on my end.


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