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: This is the entry of jake:

I knew when I wrote it that Jake has agreed to be my "virtual drummer" was not as good as I salute you with a "virtual high five".

I recorded some Silver Surfer lines for Jake yesterday. My rendition of the Silver Surfer sounds like some smarmy Simpsons character.

To give you the essence of Jake, I need only reproduce this portion of an email he sent me, on the subject of Marcel Duchamp's having secretly altered his Readymades:

will (who is also a fan) and i were discussing this a few weeks ago and we got so worked up we stood up and shook hands, such is our repect for marcel duchamp.

: I'm back in the mode where I sleep from 6 PM to midnight, apparantly. I'm going to be tired again by the time I have to go catch the bus, though.

: Also, I can get a personal loan at a 12% interest rate. There's no deferment, though, I have to start paying it back right away.

If I get $2000, It'll be about $50 a month for the next 48 months. I can cannibalize the loan itself for $50 a month until I graduate, then wipe it out in one blow with the proceeds from the mighty job I am sure (I hope) to get after I graduate.

: Sorry, the poll wasn't writable. Vote again.

: Today in the Times: "LACMA [not LACMA] Chief to add Role of Art Director". Shouldn't they already have an art director?

: Jake's story in his (unfortunately private so I can't show it to you) notebook reminds me that yesterday I bumped into Tim from CS111 last quarter. We talked for about 4 or 5 minutes and I don't think either of us remembered the other's name. Is it normal to have a long, involved conversation with neither party remembering the other's name? Among engineering students, it is.

Tim is taking CS180 this quarter, but not with Gafni; with another guy, who I believe is the guy that Adam fled to Gafni from. Too bad. As I have previously stipulated in this space, Gafni rocks.

Due to the new version of perl running on sith and various FaultNIC bugs which were exposed by it, FaultNIC stopped working. I fixed one bug but now there appears to be another, which is in Scott's territory so I don't know how to fix it. It looks like we'll be bringing out the musty old articles from the database until it gets fixed.

: Egad! The new lynx allows textarea boxes to be expanded! I can finally get rid of that kludge in the notebook program that makes the textarea 50 lines long if I'm using lynx! This is a great day for the Dominion!

: I pinpointed the problem for Scott (a function that returns a sort of "large object filehandle" is returning -1), but I don't know how to solve it.


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