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: Here's my challenge. Will you take the Mr. Sparkle Challenge?

Put up a site on mp3.com. Record 250 songs and put them up on your site. The songs are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Each song must have as a name the name of one of MP3.com's genres. All song names must be distinct (one, and only one, song name for each genre).
  2. The genre of the song must not be related to the name of the song. Your song "Contemporary Urban" must not be of genre Urban/R&B or any Urban/R&B subgenre (including, obviously, Contemporary Urban). This is just to keep things interesting (and to make you use at least two genres).
  3. The songs need not be incredibly good, but they should be at least servicable.
  4. Each song must be at least thirty seconds long. A minute long would be better.
  5. All songs must be written originally for the challenge. Fleshing them out later into other songs is fine.

First person to get to 250 songs (or however many if they add more genres to MP3.com) wins. Anybody who actually accomplishes this... well, I don't have words for it. So a scoring thing would probably be better, something like:

Ideas? Rule changes? Anyone actually want to try this? Is this challenge not as stupid as it sounds, or is it in fact stupider? Or is it exactly as stupid as it sounds? I'm not sure. It may be just another sign of my impending insanity, but I think this actually sounds like an interesting project (obviously, it would take a long, long, long time, but an interesting project it would be nonetheless).

: I got a hit today from a webcrawler called Crawl of the Dead. It made me laugh. Good job, h139-142-200-234.cg.fiberone.net.


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