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: Funny Nethack bug: If you hit a shopkeeper with a cockatrice corpse and then reanimate him with Stone To Flesh, he loses his name. So when you talk to him it says " complains that business is bad." He also no longer recognizes his shop, so you can't buy anything from him (but you can just walk out with everything in his shop).

: Oh, and another funny message: if you kill a monster inside a shop and it leaves a corpse, the shopkeeper gains ownership of the corpse. So when you pick up the corpse, he says, "You be careful with my corpse!"

: Why is sound called "multimedia"? It's one, count 'em, one medium.

: I heartily endorse The GNU Virtual Fridge. Beware of imitations! Only the GNU Virtual Fridge will let you access /fridge/freezer/icetray/cube1!


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