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: I did not know that there was actually a cereal called Fruit Brute. I thought it was a pun on "Froot Loops".

: Corrections to my music recommendations: Quantum Mechanic by Kris is very good, although I wish he'd redone the first part with a more apropos physics book quote after he had the idea. Jake's Vivo Sonhando is better than Hot Stuff. I didn't like Jake's Vivo Sonhando voice, but now I realize that's the only way to do that song.

: I have my rights! I have my rights! It was David O'Callaghan, he did this to me! He forced me to add another entry to The Best Of Dada Pokey!

: Be in my video, darlin', every night. Everyone in cable-land will say you're outa sight. You can show your legs while you're getting in the car. And I will look repulsive while I mangle my guitar. Reen toon teen toon teen toon tee-noo-nee-noo-nee.


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