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: I'm aware that Daily Pokey is not being dailified. The command I have in my cron file, when run manually, works correctly. So for some reason my cronjob is not executing. I'm working on it.

: I gotta say, I must be just about the funniest guy in the world. Just look at all these people who have ripped off my "open sores" joke:

I know I'm overly protective about this. It just makes me think that I'm doing things the hard way thinking up my own jokes.

: Joe Mahoney reminds me that the low-tech version of Slashdot in the pre-Y2K After Y2K! comics was called The Open Sores Newsletter.

Note: I'm not mad at these people. It's just weird and disturbing to make up a joke and then over the next two years see the joke percolate up to appearing in newspaper comic strips like Foxtrot.

I'm fairly sure no one made up the joke before me. I first used it a year before I saw anyone else use it.

: I should link to Joe's page. Here it is. Joe is from New Zealand. This uniquely qualifies him to write about life in New Zealand.

: YES!!! fscktris!! Of course, this only got thought of just before everyone moves to a journaling filesystem.


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